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Urban Ed is implementing ITvocational options to helpmiddle & high school youthgain marketable skills andbecome the next generationof diverse & promising STEMtalent.PROGRAMSThe Catalogue for Philanthropy hasrecognized Urban Ed as one of the best high-impact‚ community-based nonprofits in thegreater Washington region.Getting to root causes,Urban Ed has a uniqueapproach of usingtechnology to enrichchildren and close theachievement gap withan animated fullyaligned nationalCommon Corecurriculum for childrenin grades K - 2.www.urbaned.org2041 MLK Jr Ave., SE, Suite M-2Washington DC 20020202.610.2344Text urbaned to 833.592.1346Urban Ed is a 501(c)(3) grassroots community-based licensed state educational institution.